Eugenio Pedot was born in Grumes in Valle di Cembra on 28th September, 1914. At the age of 14 he was a/ready working as labourer in the valleys of Comacchio in Bando d'Argenta.
He then worked as metal craftsman and later unti/ 1929 in the reclamation of the Pontine swampland.
In 1936 he was discharged f rom the military hospital in Tu rin, and declared unfit .. During that year he obtained his driver's license. He then purchased and transformed an old car into a litt/e lorry in
arder to collaborate with his parents in the delivery of fruit from Trento to the valleys of Fiemme and Fassa.
1he car was not the only mean to fu/fili what he had in mind, but it a/so al/owed for new possibi/ities and expansion.
In 1939 he signs up with the Chamber of Com merce and begins de/ivering packa­ged goods for the Cembra Valley and this is how Pedot Autotrasporti was born. It is only after the tremendous turbulent world war that he could pursue his own activity as a truck driver.
In 1940 he marries Silvia FeliceW. In 1941 their first son Elio is born and in 1944 comes their daughter Elda Lucia.
In 1950 Eugenio buys his second vehic/e and spreads his activity towards Alto Adige and Verona. He does not transport packaged goods anymore, but he spe­cializes in the delivery of special packaging, produced in the Cembra area for the huge regional fruit and vegetable market.
Eugenio is a courageous and enthusiastic man, so full of ideas, so much so that in 1950, together with his wife, they open up a bakery activity for the inhabitants of Grumes, Grauno and Va/da. It is mostly, Eugenio's wife Silvia, an essential, quiet, tireless presence, who supports him in his decisions.
However, without the contribution of the children one cannot explain the dyna­mism and the achievements thai fol/owed.
1he sacrifìces of this time (as than), cannot be measured in money. But, without this special foundation what they created would noi have held together. Meanwhile, Eugenio a/so engaged in another activity which continued unti/ 1975: extracting porphyry from the /and rented from the municipality of Grumes. 1961: 1he Year of the Big Decision:
1he family moves down from the valley to the town of Lavis. Pedot begins a c/ose collaboration with Grundig Italiana and the business expands. 1he result is a /arge vehic/es jleet inc/uding van engines and lorries. Eugenio's son Elio, who in the meantime marries Alberta - also involved in the company -
is always at his father's side. Elio is a tireless worker, passionate about his occu­pation, an example to ali their truck drivers. He is always in the forefront, never willing to back down.
In 1974 the Pedot Eugenio and Sons Trucking is established, which later becomes Pedot S.r.l.
In 1976, because of Elio's hea/th issues, Lucia joined the company to help the family and then stay on permanently.
In 1979 Eugenio entrusted his son and daughter, with Lucia in charge of the administration and
development and Elio in charge of the entire technical part.
In 1980 the Pedots build the new headquarters at Via Negre/li in Lavis.
1t is another turning point when Lucia and Elio buy semi-trailers and tipper semi-trailers for the transport of the Trentino porphyry tò Germany and then further deve/op international transport.
After finishing their studies, Elio and Alberta's children, Stefano and Angela, a/so become involved in the family business.
1he Pedot Trucking company internationalizes by establishing logistics bases in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and takes the first steps towards inter­national transport.
In 2003 the company headquarters are expanded with the construction of a wa­rehouse which includes the trucking activity and the new logistics facility.
1he third generation of this family enterprise is ready to continue in the path cre­ated by the founder. In 201 O Lucia passes the baton to Stefano, son of her brother Elio, who is firmly convinced in the development of intermodal transport. He increases its numbers while equipping the company with the latest generation of green lorries with low emission pollutants.
We're now in 2019- with eighty years dedicated to servi ce and customer satisfac­tion, attenti on to the quality of /ife of the staff and respect for the environment. 1his is a company that reflects the love and attachment to work, the family union and harmony that made ali this possible.